Gamecover Crops

If you want to encourage game birds on your farm then you need to have access to a range of sensibly priced and commercially proven mixtures and individual crops.  Fortunately, our technical staff have spent many years working with the acknowledged experts in this field and, as a result, we have been able to bring together all the information you need to make the right cropping decisions based on your individual needs.

As part of the Kingsford Quality Mixtures brand, we have two main Gamecover mixtures comprising of Kingsford Dexter and Kingsford Cora.

Kingsford Dexter is a fast growing one year game cover mixture made up of Mustard, Quinoa, Forage Rape, Phacellia, Yellow Blossom Clover and Sunflowers.

Kingsford Cora is a 2 year Gamecover mixture which is made up of Triticale, Quinoa, Kale and Red Clover.

Although we have formulated these two Gamecover mixtures, we can design and formulate a mixture for your specific requirements.

Please see our 2023 catalogue for more information, which is available from the Downloads section

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